As it seems my sometimes laziness and the ever annoying homework has left me with only a couple of days of holiday left. But that doesn't matter, theres still years left before I have to go to Uni etc.

So, first step. I've already decided I want to make a game engine, but what kind?
Well, thats simple. A FPS game engine with the ability to switch to 3rd person when required.

I've heard people say, make games not engines. So that kinda makes sense. So taking that into account, I've got a game partialy planned. So that gives me a place to start.

So! I'm going to start working... If
Because of my start nature I tend to start things at night, so yeah... Its getting late, I'm needing sleep and this website will have to wait, but fear not faithful nonexistant current followers (I know who you are!) 'Cause the holidays start tomorrow so that means roughly 10 days or time to play around with coding.

Oh, that reminds me. The engine will be written in C++, because I'm not that experience, I'll be learning on the job, and if you want, we can learn together, because as is my nature, I learn by doing. So beause of that I'll be using a pre-written OpenGL 3D render called Horde3D and Havok Physics!