Sperry has disappeared and communication with ProgrammingFreak seems to be patchy at best. But I'm not gone. Lately I have been working on planning a Minecraft-like game. My friend who strangely has no Minecraft, is obssesed with it.
Anyway, I think that since I plan to write NewDawn mostly from scratch, I might aswell incorperate said game into this.
I've been setting my computer up to use OpenGL, so theres no time like the present. I'll get to work. The next post should hopefuly be more informative on the structure of NewDawn.

P.s. I've been thinking of insted of NewDawn being just straight FPS, of making a base, then branching said base out into different genres of games. e.g. FPS, RTS and most others.
If its structured well enough, NewDawn may father many different engines.

Tell me what you think on this idea.