A few minor updates to inform you on.
Firstly, I've scrapped the plans for using Havok physics int he game engine, I re-read the license for it and it's incredibly limiting to what it could be used for. Right now I'm thinking of using Bullet physics, and when I looked at Horde3D's download page when I was updating my version of it, they say you can intergrate bullet physics. It was very happy about that.

On other news... nothing much else that I need to work on getting myself to do some proper work on this. Its basicly all there, the 3D engine, the physics, I just need to piece it all together and make it do thy bidding.

Still got 2 and a half weeks left of the summer holidays to do work on it, I'm wanting to atleast have the groundwork done by the


Can you recommend any good C++ tutorials? I'm currently using the one at www.eclipcs.com, but it would be nice to have a slightly more hands-on lesson. If you can get me to learn enough of C++ and maybe post your progress in that Sample Code section, I might be able to help out. I'm a quick code-learner. I taught myself the basics of Actionscript in under a month.

16/08/2011 01:56

Er, sorry. That is, the tutorials at www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/ or whatever. I was using Eclipse for a developer environment. Anyway, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Find me on Scratch by this same name, or find my email from this message (if possible- I just got a weebly account this hour so I could comment here, so I don't know much about it).

17/08/2011 00:18

Can't wait for the release. But when is something gonna pop up in the 'sample code' and 'concepts' sections?


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