I know I'm being un productive, but right now I have a proper excuse. My computer is kinda broken, if I ask it to do anything graphics intensive it freezes or does a spontaneous restart.
Funny story actually, I had this slot on the top of my computer case where a lid used to be,my computer is in a slot in my desk, and theresa drawer above it, so I couldn't use the sockets on top of it, and they weren't connected to anything anyway, the lid was broken I think, so I threw it away... On sunday something falls off the back on the drawer, a packet of palm cards, my computers not doing anything, so I don't take any notice, it's not until I get back, that I notice the screen has frozen, eventually it turns out that a paperclip in the packet of palmcards had fell through the slot and onto my graphics card and well and truely fried it. I replaced it with a much better one and got some more memory at the same time aswell, I get home from school and my Dads installed the graphics card and memory while I was at school (first day on term yesterday) and then I notice, the screen saver has frozen, I try to get it to work, nothing, so I restart. I fire up a game and get started, game spontaneous restarts... etc. Turns out my Mother board isn't in the best of conditions.
Anyway, I'm currently preparing to upgrade my computer, looking into the possibility of having a partitioned hard drive with Windows XP (What I'm currently using) and Windows 7, that way I get to still play all the games I have, and still use the newer stuff with windows 7.
Until then, I don't think I can get any work done besides perhaps work on the architecture of the engine... got some good ideas.


17/08/2011 23:36

Sorry, man. Well, at least you can keep your files (hopefully) as long as it didn't touch your memory thingy (my area of expertise is software, not hardware. For all I know, 'thingy' is the technical term, and I'm hoping that the motherboard has nothing to do with the memory thingy). But cool ideas? How about putting them in the Concepts page. Also, have you thought about the possibility to loot enemies for weapons and ammo? I find that looting dead bodies is always a nice touch in games- although the only time that I have ever seen it used is in LOTRO.

22/08/2011 17:00

The hard drive is okay as far as I know. And Looting would be a nice addition, but I don't think that would be classed as a feature of a Game Engine, but I might add it to the list of additional features (probably could call them something like plugins, not sure...)


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