If you are then I applaud you for waiting. Otherwise, welcome!

But honestly, I've been neglecting actually working on NewDawn. With good reason of course, I'm in my fifth year of secondary school and working towards my highers. The exams which actually count for getting into university over here in Scotland. 

My rooms been redecorated... interesting fact for you there, its all blue now. Got a new desk and shelves so I now have more work space. And I've got a new monitor. 23". Very nice. I intend to get a second one soon but that's a purchase for another time.

As well as that I've also had a side project going for approximately four months now. Its called Islands of Peronia and is an online browser based game where you are pirate and stuff. So look into that. I'm not sure if it'll come up if you google it so click this link to see the homepage and this one for the forum. Lovely people, great to talk to and fun. We want to have a working framework by christmas so keep your eyes open for that.

On the NewDawn front I did a complete restart with Irrlicht and have reached the point where it can (could, broken at said moment) read from an XML file and set up an Irrlicht window and render the standard Quake 3 map or whatever it is that comes with Irrlicht. I do want to switch the XML reader over to one that is capable of also writing to the XML file as well but as of this moment IrrXML is the only one that has worked for me. This is probably because the ones I used before it were too advanced for me to understand. Remember I'm using this project as a way to teach myself C++.

Further plans for NewDawn are to implement a procedural voxel terrain system and a Dual Contouring system on top of that to make it  all curvey and actually look like a landscape. There's plenty of them out there but this will be mine and will be able to do what I want it to do, which basically means anything, from destruction to maybe even minecraft esque gameplay. I want this project to be freely available to anyone out there who's interested. Basically I want to make the resources for more people out there who are looking to get into programming games. Which effectively means I want to write the documentation that I'm look for. Hmmm... Does this paragraph even make any sense?

I can smell paint. Dads putting the last coat of paint on my desk before he varnishes it. Cool... I have so many tabs open, been looking at so many different articles on this stuff. Probably should get working on combining them all into the most awesome game engine evar! Or just keep reading... that might work.
...that I  have 5 exams in the first week of my exam leave for my Standard Grades.
So yeah, I've got my exams looming up over the horizon after the easter holidays are over. But until then I can actually get some work done...
I haven't posted anything in a long time so sorry about that but I have done some work. I've got everything set up so that it actually does something besides look at a file. It now renders the standard Ogre head mesh that comes with Ogre3D. Besides this I've decided to use an XML system of storing information. This is just a small update because I actually want to get some work done today. I know, 'shock horror!' doing work. :P

So yeah, if anyone actually does still look at this website I applaud you on your persistence.

Back to work now.
If you haven't then theres something wrong. Yes I changed the home page, it now has the "Find us on facebook" likes thingy-ma-jiggy. Yes thats a word, look it up. I wanted a like button, so I went and made a facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/NewDawn-Game-Engine/269797319698018
Also added two new pages, suggested by Maxskywalker, listing the libraries I'm intending on using and the programs I will use along the way. May add more or remove some as things un fold.
Anyway, my computers still mostly broked, waiting to see if someone I know is offering their old motherboard, probably better than mine. Will keep you, my loyal followers, updated on this.
Enoy, and remember to like the page.

I know I'm being un productive, but right now I have a proper excuse. My computer is kinda broken, if I ask it to do anything graphics intensive it freezes or does a spontaneous restart.
Funny story actually, I had this slot on the top of my computer case where a lid used to be,my computer is in a slot in my desk, and theresa drawer above it, so I couldn't use the sockets on top of it, and they weren't connected to anything anyway, the lid was broken I think, so I threw it away... On sunday something falls off the back on the drawer, a packet of palm cards, my computers not doing anything, so I don't take any notice, it's not until I get back, that I notice the screen has frozen, eventually it turns out that a paperclip in the packet of palmcards had fell through the slot and onto my graphics card and well and truely fried it. I replaced it with a much better one and got some more memory at the same time aswell, I get home from school and my Dads installed the graphics card and memory while I was at school (first day on term yesterday) and then I notice, the screen saver has frozen, I try to get it to work, nothing, so I restart. I fire up a game and get started, game spontaneous restarts... etc. Turns out my Mother board isn't in the best of conditions.
Anyway, I'm currently preparing to upgrade my computer, looking into the possibility of having a partitioned hard drive with Windows XP (What I'm currently using) and Windows 7, that way I get to still play all the games I have, and still use the newer stuff with windows 7.
Until then, I don't think I can get any work done besides perhaps work on the architecture of the engine... got some good ideas.
A few minor updates to inform you on.
Firstly, I've scrapped the plans for using Havok physics int he game engine, I re-read the license for it and it's incredibly limiting to what it could be used for. Right now I'm thinking of using Bullet physics, and when I looked at Horde3D's download page when I was updating my version of it, they say you can intergrate bullet physics. It was very happy about that.

On other news... nothing much else that I need to work on getting myself to do some proper work on this. Its basicly all there, the 3D engine, the physics, I just need to piece it all together and make it do thy bidding.

Still got 2 and a half weeks left of the summer holidays to do work on it, I'm wanting to atleast have the groundwork done by the
Sperry has disappeared and communication with ProgrammingFreak seems to be patchy at best. But I'm not gone. Lately I have been working on planning a Minecraft-like game. My friend who strangely has no Minecraft, is obssesed with it.
Anyway, I think that since I plan to write NewDawn mostly from scratch, I might aswell incorperate said game into this.
I've been setting my computer up to use OpenGL, so theres no time like the present. I'll get to work. The next post should hopefuly be more informative on the structure of NewDawn.

P.s. I've been thinking of insted of NewDawn being just straight FPS, of making a base, then branching said base out into different genres of games. e.g. FPS, RTS and most others.
If its structured well enough, NewDawn may father many different engines.

Tell me what you think on this idea.
Some friends from a programming site have joined me in this project. Sperry and ProgrammingFreak are fellow Scratchers and are both either learning C++ (Like me) or capable with it. So any how... Sadly, no work has been done yet, as I've been busy with homework and just trying to get some relaxation time inbetween it all. But I should be getting some work done once we set up a communication system between my colleagues. S
As it seems my sometimes laziness and the ever annoying homework has left me with only a couple of days of holiday left. But that doesn't matter, theres still years left before I have to go to Uni etc.

So, first step. I've already decided I want to make a game engine, but what kind?
Well, thats simple. A FPS game engine with the ability to switch to 3rd person when required.

I've heard people say, make games not engines. So that kinda makes sense. So taking that into account, I've got a game partialy planned. So that gives me a place to start.

So! I'm going to start working... If
Because of my start nature I tend to start things at night, so yeah... Its getting late, I'm needing sleep and this website will have to wait, but fear not faithful nonexistant current followers (I know who you are!) 'Cause the holidays start tomorrow so that means roughly 10 days or time to play around with coding.

Oh, that reminds me. The engine will be written in C++, because I'm not that experience, I'll be learning on the job, and if you want, we can learn together, because as is my nature, I learn by doing. So beause of that I'll be using a pre-written OpenGL 3D render called Horde3D and Havok Physics!